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Alma Food

Alma Food Integrated Research Team: a strategic choice of UniBo scientists.


The agro-food field is an important field of research at our University and research groups’ expertise cover all sectors of the food chain, from agriculture, food economics and consumer behaviour, to issues regarding environment and health.

Alma Food IRT it helps us in working together on common objectives, enforcing internal and external scientific network, developing research opportunities and outputs.

Alma Food IRT represents a reference point in the agro-food research and a well-known Unibo brand at national and even international level.


Science Business
Bologna, the leading Italian university for European funds prepares itself for Horizon 2020.



European Research & Innovation Office. Agro-food, Bio-economy, Energy and Environment Unit

Via Zamboni 33

40126 - Bologna - Italy

tel: +39.0512099414

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