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ALMAFOOD IRT: about us

University of Bologna - Integrated Research Team in the agro-food.

A multidisciplinary research and innovative team with the aim of co-ordinating the expertise of our University in the agro-food area.

A unique access point to multi-disciplinary expertise, organised in thematic areas for a quick and easy approach.

A reference point and a main partner in the field of food research at both national and international level.


  • To guarantee the safety, quality and healthiness of food, both for enhancing quality of life and for the economic development of the agro-food system.
  • To develop the agenda of future research needs in collaboration with political, social, and economic stakeholders.
  • To promote knowledge and innovation within food-related areas and to meet the changing social demand and the latter answer to the challenges for a more efficient and productive research activity within the University of Bologna.
  • To provide scientific and technological support, as well as specific training, to stakeholders of the food sector.


  • To meet the research demand emerging from the economic and social system, at regional, national and international level, through the comprehensiveness and excellence of the competencies within the Alma-Food Research Teams.
  • To develop frontier basic research in the agro-food sector by enhancing all the necessary relationships with other Universities, Research Centres and the European Commission.
  • To support European and Italian authorities with its expertise in research activities.
  • To promote co-operation and build relationships with both the private and the public sector in order to direct applied research and disseminate its results.



European Research & Innovation Office. Agro-food, Bio-economy, Energy and Environment Unit

Via Zamboni 33

40126 - Bologna - Italy

tel: +39.0512099414

tel: +39.0512099777