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Bioeconomy @ UniBO

UniBO in the European scenario of the Bioeconomy

Strengthening the internal network, creating interdisciplinary critical masses of scientists is one the major goals for Unibo.

The University has 7 Interdepartmental Centers dedicated to industrial research contributing to the High Technology Network of Emilia-Romagna;

Integrated Research Teams (IRTs) as multidisciplinary research and innovative teams with the aim of coordinating the expertise of the University in a specific research area transversal to several research sectors. In particular, in the Bioeconomy area: Alma Food IRT and Alma Sequencing IRT.

Eurpean Fundings

Unibo is member of the major European Networks and stakeholders thematic groups, such as the European and National Technology Platforms.

Nowadays Unibo counts 11,000 products research (annual average) and 200 patents in the portfolio and has obtained 91 million Euros from the Seventh Framework Programme and other programs financed by the EU (from 2007 to September, 2013).

FP7. Today, the Alma Mater Studiorum is the first Italian university for the attractiveness of European funding for research (projects funded in 2007-2012), 31st in the European ranking of institutions of higher education. In particular, referring to the 7th Framework Programme, Cooperation program - KBBE theme projects, Unibo has been involved in 50 successful proposals, coordinating 9 of these: the first University in Italy and among the top ten European players for European funding in the agro-food filed.

H2020. Referring to Horizon 2020 and related European initiatives, the University of Bologna is active within several initiatives:

  • Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs): is involved as a partner in several JPIs’ projects and coordinates the Italian DEDIPAC Hub within the JPI Healthy Diet for Healthy Life.
  • Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs): Unibo is affiliate member in the Climate-KIC and is a member of the Foodbest Consortium working on a KIC-Food proposal, for an Italian Co-location Center.


Joint Programming Initiative "Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change"
Link alla JPI Healthy Diet for Healthy Life (HDHL)
European Innovetion Partnership "Agriculture and Innovation"
EIP Water
European Innovation Partnership "Water"
FoodBest Consortium


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