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Life Sciences

Food Safety
Fork and flower The promotion of food safety through an integrated approach is a main challenge nowadays.
Food and Health: Biochemistry, Physiology and Nutrition
Test tube A healthy and well-balanced diet represents one of the main principles of preventive medicine.
Food and Health: clinical aspects
Bottle A healthy life-style goes through the biomedical together with biological analysis of eating habits.
Plant Food Production
Plantation A more competitive agriculture and a healthy life-style are directly connected with research on plants.
Quality and Processing of Plant-derived Food
Olive The improvement of existing and new food products meeting consumer’s demand is one of the main aims of contemporary research.
Animal Food Production
Ladybug The livestock sector development and sustainability represent a field of challenge for future research.
Quality and Processing of Animal–Derived Food and Feed
Eggs The quality, safety and health of feeds and foods as well as the concept of protecting local products are of basic importance both for consumers and producers.
By-products Valorisation
Green drop The reduction of food industry loads and their environmental impact responds to the calling for action of modern regulations.