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Food and Health: clinical aspects

A healthy life-style goes through the biomedical together with biological analysis of eating habits.

In recent years, there has been a call for more attention towards the healthy and unhealthy aspects of diet, emphasising the need for a closer link between biomedical and biological sciences.

This raising consciousness is directly linked to an effective understanding of diseases prevention and control throughout the analysis of diet habits.

Alma Food IRT promotes the integration of biochemical, biological, physiological, pharmacological, toxicological sciences and medicine, blending a variety of experimental approaches and diversified as well as complementary expertise.

Alma Food research overview

  • Biomarkers of genetic damage and oxidative stress predictive of disease risk influenced by the diet
  • Biomarkers of genetic susceptibility of candidate genes linked to the development of different diseases related to diet habits
  • Age-related modifications of the intestinal microbiota that could increase the susceptibility to gastrointestinal infections of the host and the influence of the diet
  • Polymorphisms of genes related to antioxidant capacity or coding for enzymes involved in DNA methylation, synthesis and repair in elderly people and the influence of the diet
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of food components in the counteraction of cognitive decline
  • Neurorecovery and new food based strategies in vegetative state and minimally conscious state patients
  • Nutrigenomic approach for the identification of genes regulated by nutrient/nutraceutical compounds related to chronic/degenerative diseases
  • Metabonomic and metabolomic approach for diagnosis and prevention of diseases
  • Analysis of sleep, metabolism and autonomic dysfunctions underlying obesity
  • Dietary recommendations and specialised food products and dietary supplements for specific population groups