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Plant Food Production

A more competitive agriculture and a healthy life-style are directly connected with research on plants.

The Plant Food Production area is a contribution towards a more competitive European agriculture, through its extensive research within the biology of field crops, crop physiology, plant genetics and biotechnology sectors.

The Alma Food research on Plant Food Production focuses on developing methods to improve plant use (arable and vegetable crops, fruit trees and woody plants) and related agricultural techniques for food production purposes.

The research of Alma Food is devoted to investigating interactions among crops, environment and management systems, in order to find the best economical and environmental solutions for farmers.

The influence of agronomic inputs and abiotic stresses on assimilate allocation and the expression of functional compounds in monocotyledon and dicotyledon crops are also under investigation.

The main outputs of this research activity contribute to add functional values to major human dietary crops, so as to convert them into a delivery vehicle for bioactive phytochemicals that reduce cancer risk, cardiovascular diseases and other age related health problems.

Alma Food research overview

  • Biotechnological approaches. Germplasm characterization of crops and for identification of varieties and clonal mutants
  • Analysing physiological, biochemical and molecular factors linked to pathways of plant functional compounds and identifying proper agronomic practices for a constant and high yield of functional compounds in fruit, vegetable and arable crops
  • New usage destinations for arable, vegetable and fruit crops both for food consumption and for nutraceutical implications
  • Application of new biotechnologies in ectomycorrhizal mushroom
  • Post-harvest protection of fruit by tuning chemical, physical and biological means for the prevention of rots and physiological disorders
  • Manipulation of productivity and yield efficiency. Determination of agro-system management approaches on the synthesis and accumulation of high dietary and nutritional values
  • Carbon balance in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum for the development of a Life Cycle Analysis outlining differences among conventional, integrated and organic cropping systems
  • Conducting research on molecular screening of biodiversity in major characterizing dispersed genetic resources and to provide information on traits for breeders and for the use of biodiversity resources in crop development