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Quality and Processing of Animal–Derived Food and Feed

The quality, safety and health of feeds and foods as well as the concept of protecting local products are of basic importance both for consumers and producers.

The quality, safety and the health of feeds and foods as well as the concept of protecting local products (i.e. PDOs) are elements of basic importance both for consumers and for producers.

Technological quality is a complex and multivariate property of animal-born raw materials which is affected by multiple interacting factors ranging from animal genotype to slaughtering procedures.

Among the intra vitam factors influencing the nutritional and technological characteristics of food, the diet lipid component represents a major source of variability and it is tied to animal’s fat profile.

It is important to tailor the feed formulation to match the quality traits requested by the food processors and consumers. With respect to local productions, it is worth noting that many of Italy’s (and Mediterranean) registered products (PDOs and PGIs) are processed meats (salami, ham, sausages, etc.) and that a better knowledge of their curing aptitudes and properties could be an important element of protection and valorisation.
In light of the European Action Plan on Animal Protection and Welfare 2006-2010, a higher level of animal welfare can be fully regarded as a further element able to affect food quality.

Alma Food research overview

  • Qualitative analyses of feed and animal-derived foodstuffs
  • Development, validation and harmonization of technologies and methodologies to ensure complete traceability throughout the food chain, authenticity and validity of labelling
  • Nutritional improvement of animal foods by feeding techniques that can be used to increase the content of nutrients, such as vitamins, fatty acids (n-3, CLA), trace minerals, and antioxidants
  • The effect of higher animal welfare levels on the quality of animal derived foods
  • Curing aptitude of raw swine meat
  • Characterization of poultry and rabbit meat quality for further processing and its use for the preparation of value-added products
  • Evaluation of the influence of different vegetable natural extracts and essential oils (i.e. rosemary, sage, oregano, grape seed, etc…)used in feed and/or meat on final product quality
  • Influence of raw materials (including waste and by-products of different origins, processing methods, additives and veterinary drugs used in animal feed), on animal and human health
  • Improved waste management to ensure exclusion of specified high-risk and condemned materials from the feed chain.