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Food Chain Economics and Management

A better understanding of firms’ strategic behaviour in food markets requires a wide range of expertise.

Better understanding of firms’ strategic behaviour in the food markets requires a wide range of expertise.

Alma Food IRT with the contribution from various branches of economics and statistics, is able to embrace multiple areas, raging from the analysis of the complex food chain relationships, innovation and technological changes, to knowledge transfer, the relevance of policy intervention and regulations on the food sector, value creation and distribution, price transmission mechanism and firm management issues such as logistics and compliance costs, the impact of food safety and quality legislation and regulations.

Food chain economics and management group of research is aimed at integrating different specialisations so as to effectively address the social, economic, environmental and institutional challenges affecting the rural and the agro-food system, and to assure sustainability and competitiveness to the food system and its actors.

Alma Food research overview

  • Networks and agro-food districts, horizontal and vertical relationships, agro-food system relations and organisation
  • Management strategies, organisation of agro-food firms, integration of the food chain, value creation and distribution
  • Food chain actors competition and market power concentration
  • Value chain analysis in food markets, market access and international trade
  • Food and rural policy and food chain competitiveness
  • Socio-economic trends and labour issues
  • Environmental issues and sustainable production
  • Food safety certifications, regulation and standards, traceability and chain organisation
  • Quality management systems and quality certification in the agro-food industry
  • Food firms efficiency, innovation and technological changes