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About us

The Integrated Research Team on Science & Technology for Cultural Heritage at the University of Bologna.

Alma HeritageScience Integrated Research Team was born in 2008 as an organizational and coordination tool for the several expertise of the University of Bologna on science and technologies for Cultural Heritage.
It is a critical mass of scientists working on common objectives, belonging to more than 15 different Departments of the University of Bologna:

  • Agro-Environmental Sciences and Technologies
  • Archaelogy
  • Architecture and Territorial Planning
  • Civil, Enviromental and Materials Engineering
  • Chemistry «Giacomo Ciamician»
  • Computer Science
  • Earth Sciences and Environment
  • Energy, Nuclear and Environmental Protection Engineering
  • Experimentary Evolutionary Biology
  • History
  • Histories and Methods for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage
  • Industrial Chemistry and Materials
  • Physical and Inorganic Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Ravenna Campus
  • Sciences of Metals, Electrochemistry and Chemical Techniques
  • Visual Arts

Mission and Aims

To use interdisciplinarity as solution to cope with contemporary challenges related to Cultural Heritage conservation, restoration and valorization.
To give support to the implementation and development of new solutions by covering several scientific sectors and studying the research field from different perspectives.
To be a main partner for major stakeholders: foundations, associations, industries, policy makers, research centers and institute.
To facilitate multi-disciplinary research.
To contribute to the strengthening of the European Research Area.
To develop the agenda of research needs at national and international level.


The expertise of Alma HeritageScience IRT covers a variety of areas: from history and cultural heritage ethics to envinronment; from territorial aspects to structural issues; from constituents materials to documentation and cataloguing (ICT based); from restoration materials to management.

Alma HeritageScience scientists are clustered in main Research Areas for a quick and easy access:

  • Cultural Heritage: Environment and Territory.
  • Cultural Heritage, Image, Structure and Materials: Conservation and Restoration.
  • Cultural Heritage: Management and Valorization.


European Research & Innovation Office - Health, Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Unit

Via Zamboni 33

40125 - Bologna

tel: + 39 051.20 99 294

tel: +39 051.20 98 857

fax: +39 051.2098115