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Feller’s Tests for GIMP

University of Bologna Team Leader: Mirri Silvia - Assistant Prof. - Dep. of Computer Science.

University of Bologna Research Group: Microchemistry and MicroscopyArt Diagnostic Laboratory (M2ADL) and Department of Computer Science. Mazzeo Rocco, Mirri Silvia, Stefania Bisulli, Prati Silvia, Marco Sarti, Paola Salomoni.

Context and objectives

The term "restoration" identify operations which could be conducted on antiques or works of art, with the aim of restoring the original appearance or functionality. It could involve both cleaning to remove dirt or grime on the surface of a painting and a complete rebuilding of a work of art parts.

The paintings cleaning requires a preliminary study of the work of art conditions and it could be done in different ways. In order to decide which kind of solvents and techniques apply to a painting, the Feller’s tests could support the restorer.

In this context, a prototype module for a well known graphics editor (GIMP) has been designed, with the aim of simulating some sorts of dirt and grime over pictures and permitting end-users to virtually clean them according to the Feller’s tests, by using a non conventional input device, the WiiMote.

Methodologies and equipment

This project involves experts on the fields computer science and paintings restoration.

The collaboration among these figures is necessary to create an effective and feasible application. In particular, such an application is a module for GIMP, with the aim of providing a virtual pictures cleaning system with a multimodal interface. GIMP is an open source graphics editor (developed in C language).

The FeTeGIMP developing involves also the use of GlovePIE (Glove Programmable Input Emulator) library, which provides support for novel input devices in Microsoft Windows and has been extended to support the Wii Remote.

The FeTeGIMP module is intended to be installed and used locally on a PC.


A module prototype (FeTeGiMP, which stands for Feller’s Tests for GIMP) has been designed and it is under developing phase. This application will be a virtual pictures cleaning module for GIMP with a multimodal interface, letting users to interact with conventional (i.e. a mouse) or non conventional input device (i.e. the WiiMote). Such an application could be useful in cultural heritage restoration educational contexts.

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