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Development of new Equipments and diagnostic Methodologies

Non-destructive diagnostic techniques.

Non-destructive diagnostic techniques play a role of primary importance in the Cultural Heritage field, both for scientific investigations and for restoration and conservation purposes.

The great variety of size and composition that characterizes archaeological findings and art objects requires the development of innovative equipments specifically designed for Cultural Heritage analysis and able to carry out on-site investigations.

Alma HeritageScience research activities

Portable or transportable innovative instrumentations for surface non-destructive investigations on materials subject to restoration: development of devoted TD-NMR equipments and related procedures for studying fluid entrance and distribution inside materials’ microstructure.

Transportable innovative equipments for non-destructive investigation of the internal structure and the constituent materials of artefacts: development ad setting-up of transportable devoted systems for on-site diagnostics (by means of Digital Radiography and X-ray 3D Computed Tomography and other techniques) on works of art on different size scales.

New methods for investigation, measurement and on-site monitoring of environmental humidity and rising damp in architectural assets, in relation to restoration procedures.