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Structural assessment and surface diagnostic

Alma HeritageScience research activities

Assessment, structural diagnose and monitoring, surface and material analysis, of masonry and timber constructions especially by Non Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques (including sonic and ultrasonics, impact-echo, GPR radar, GPR and radar tomography, IR thermography, drilling penetration resistance and multispectral imaging) aimed at determining both the preservation condition and the rehabilitation intervention. On site and laboratory research and experimental work.

Modelling aimed at the assessment and safety evaluation of historical buildings and movable Cultural Heritage made of different materials.

Seismic vulnerability of historic buildings and infrastructure, assessment and techniques for the protection and mitigation of earthquakes effects through innovative systems. Dynamic testing of structures.

Study of ancient construction techniques and of related historical materials with the purpose of a compatible restoration intervention. Structural aspects in preservation and restoration.

Development of low-impact systems for the protection and covering of sites and structures of historic/archaeological interest.

Analysis of the propagation of vibrational waves in pavements and of their effects on vibrations in historic buildings placed in high traffic areas, numerical computational simulations, laboratory and in situ experiments.