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Documentation and Cataloguing

ICTs in Cultural Heritage.

ICTs can be used to benefit every individual citizen in everyday life, in every field. They are playing a role of increasing importance also in Cultural Heritage.

They can be taken into account in:

  • collecting and recording data, with the aim of documenting Cultural Heritage
  • organizing, structuring, classifying, analyzing data with the aim of cataloguing Cultural Heritage
  • communicating and interpreting data, with the aim of valorizing Cultural Heritage.

Alma HeritageScience research activities

Modern ICTs (particularly for designing and implementing complex software systems) relating to documenting systems, coordination of multi-agent systems, knowledge engineering, Web Semantics and e-learning systems.

Creation of digital libraries, particularly Personal digital libraries. Interfacing databases with geographic information systems, also with multimedia content.

Repertorization, cataloguing and archiving of musical and audiovisual assets: software procedures for repertoire actions, cataloguing and archiving of musical documents; acquisition and restoration of audiovisual recordings.

Software development for automatic analysis of audiovisual recordings.

Installation of digital archives of musical documents; development of ontology for the treatment of historical musical documentation.