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About us

An interdisciplinary research team aimed at the exchange and integration of expertise of our University in the fields of the reduction of CO2 emissions and climate-changing gases.

A unique access to multiple abilities and know-how, organized in thematic areas for a quick and easy consultation.

A reference interlocutor and a main partner in the research areas of energy efficiency, sustainable energies, natural resources valorization, waste and water recycling, at both national and international level.


To promote knowledge and highly-qualified skills for interdisciplinary analysis and planning able to face the challenges related to a more efficient and low-carbon energy, a more sustainable water, waste and raw-material management, a more appropriate evaluation of the undertaken energy policies and their socio-economic consequences.

To facilitate co-operation and build relationships with both the private and the public sector in order to find new research applications connected with the transition towards a low-carbon economy and a low-carbon society.

To support innovative research projects involving different scientific fields and to provide new solutions through a multidisciplinary approach for enhancing the quality of research activities.

To develop the agenda of future research activities in collaboration with local, national, and international stakeholders: research centres, institutes, foundations, policy makers.

To promote high standard research investigations showcasing the whole scenario of diverse activities within our university and disseminate its results.