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Alma Low Carbon Integrated Research Team is a multi-disciplinary group working in the field of energy, environmental sustainability and the transition towards a “low carbon” society.

Alma Low Carbon is a group of over one hundred professors, researchers and research staff from over twenty university departments: a significant critical assembly, aiming to improve scientific and technological exchanges and relations with socio-economic areas to foster the development of new ideas in research and innovation. This objective is achieved by the cross-fertilisation of the different expertise working together in Alma Low Carbon, tackling challenges in the energy and environmental fields.
The coordinates the scientific competences of the University of Bologna, its thematic structure based on the European Horizon 2020 priorities for Research and Innovation:

Alma Low Carbon is therefore a qualified interlocutor and key partner for all stakeholders in the sector, for academic, industrial and strategic initiatives: a single point of access for the many energy and environmental competences of the University of Bologna.

For the University of Bologna research staff: intranet area for contributing to the mapping of Alma Low Carbon competences