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Competitive Low Carbon Energy

A more innovative and productive economy whilst using fewer resources and reducing environmental impact ia s pressing challenge for the future. This AlmaLowCarbon group is focused on technology for clean and renewable energy production, for efficient grid and systems, for chemical and electrochemical storage and for development of next generation biofuel and CO2 embedding fuel additives using process studies and modelling, catalysts and biosystems development and characterization, materials and systems design and optimization in different fields.

Photovoltaic research on: hetero junction solar cells (HIC), new polymeric cell and next generation photovoltaic cell; from innovative material to hybrid thermophotovoltaic panel.
Solar concentration system imaging and non-imaging optics, ray tracing analysis dense array receiver, development of new chemical cycle for high temperature storage.
Design and optimization of air, geothermal, water-water, CO2 type heat pump and micro heat exchanger development. Modeling and analysis of buildings and industrial sites.
Wind vertical axis turbine and aerodynamic design, wind modelling and forecasting of wind fields; wave energy converter and maritime engineering, off shore wind turbine.
Biomass crop, SRF and residues, biomass supply chain and mapping, sustainable forest management (GIS). Low water and xenobiotic input biomass, soil assessment and carbon dynamics. Microalgae production in photobioreactor and open pounds.
Large distance energy storage devices (SMES, fly-wheels, batteries). Supeconducting motor and generators, numerical modelling. Small scale Li-ion battery and battery recover.
Biological production of H2, CH4 and ethanol by fermentation, biochemical and microbiological studies and process development. Kinetics and Fluid-dynamics modelling of bioreactors. Agrowaste, organic waste and sludge utilization. Enzymatic catalysis.
Catalyst and process for fuel and fuel additives. H2, CH4 and syfuel production. Low temperature cellulose and lignin conversion to fuel. CO2 upgrading, catalytic process and products synthesis for biorefinery. Membrane CO2 and gas separation.
Energy conversion systems, engine modelling and optimization, innovative heat and cooling system, complex turbine cycle optimization, renewable energy conversion systems. Fuel cell, electrical and chemical storage. Environmental catalysis, Carbon capture and storage.
System studies, grid and microgrid modelling, dynamic of electric power plant and of power system, electric power distribution networks and smart grid.