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Energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency and increasing the share of renewable energies are main objectives for a competitive low carbon society to mitigate climate change and reduce CO2 emissions. This group is focused on development of energy-efficient products and materials, processes and services, paying special attention to highly energy performing technologies and solutions suitable to apply in design of new buildings and in retrofitting of existing ones, such as next generation technologies for heating/cooling systems based on RES
Several topics are involved, and the expertise of AlmaLowCarbon members is mainly related with:

  • Green building design and assessment.
  • Design, development, test and validation of materials, components and systems for high energy performance buildings.
  • Energy audits and energy retrofitting at urban and building scale, with particular emphasis on historic buildings and cultural heritage.
  • LCA of building materials and processes.
  • Applications of renewable energy sources (biomass, waste, geothermal, solar).
  • Enhanced heating and cooling systems at building ant district scale.
  • Stakeholders empowering, consumer engagement, assistance to public authorities in defining and implementing of sustainable energy policies and measures.
  • Development and assessment of innovative investment schemes and financial tools for sustainable energy.
  • Assisting public authorities in planning and implementing sustainable energy policies and procurement of innovative sustainable energy solutions.