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Social, environmental and economic aspects of the energy system

Managing the transition to a post-carbon future needs to take into account the societal, economic and environmental context in which the energy system is embedded. This sub-programme is focused on socioeconomic research aiming at increasing our understanding of the complex energy system, improving our knowledge base for policy development and engaging civil society and organizations in the post-carbon transition. The expertise of AlmaLowCarbon members for this sub-programme is mainly focused on:

  • Modelling the energy system, its transformation and impacts (Economic analysis of agriculture policy and measures; Energy needs and optimization of agro-industrial buildings; Cost-benefit analysis; Policy-making analysis; Policy impact analysis; Business planning; Optimal control and differential game theory to oligopoly with extensions to innovation and the environmental impact of production and consumption; Energy economy and policies; Environmental economy and policies).
  • Consumer engagement for sustainable energy (Responsible and critical consumption practices; Sustainable lifestyles and settlement trends; Fostering active citizenship and civic engagement; Shared social responsibility; Social and green communication; Pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors; Discourse analysis and document analysis about renewable energy practices; System analysis to the market uptake and innovation assessment).
  • Implement sustainable energy policies and measures (Urban planning and the role of bottom-up approaches in regeneration policies and practices; Social, environmental and sustainable accounting; Energy efficiency in livestock farming; Smart growth best practices; Case studies of towns in transition to a post-carbon society; Urban planning policies to enhance a more compact city, discourage urban sprawl and improve public transport; Planning tools for the sustainable design of buildings and settlements; Environmental assessment of land use suitability).