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Sustainable supply of natural resources and raw materials

The action is aimed at the development of a low-carbon, resource-efficient green economy with a secure supply of resources; this will require the sustainable management of natural resources and a secure access to and production of raw materials (non-energy and non-agricultural), which could be both endangered by global and climate change, as well as geopolitical developments. Activities will include:

  • Fighting of and adapting to climate change, also through new climate information systems and accessible services;
  • Developing global environmental observation and information systems, based on Earth Observation data and on the effective transfer of the resulting knowledge.
  • Protecting the environment while sustainably managing natural resources, with particular reference to global change mitigation, ecosystem adaptation and restoration.
  • Ensuring the secure and sustainable supply of key raw materials, also through a significant reduction in resource use.
  • Enabling the transition towards a green economy and society through eco-innovation.