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Reduction, recycling and reuse are the main aims in waste management and the most promising challenge for both environment and economy issues in the next decade, in order to reduce natural resources consumption and reach the zero waste goal by 2020. This approach can be applied to agrofood waste - that represents the largest amount of urban waste and a relevant portion of the industrial one - as well as in recycling of a large palette of materials from industrial processes, post consumer, construction and demolition of buildings. This research target spans over a large number of fields and involves multiple issues, such as:

  • Reducing swarf, scraps and packaging waste by process management in manufacturing.
  • New technologies for recycling and reuse for manufacturing (co-products, byproducts and secondary raw materials production) and energy generation (organic waste).
  • Recycling of building construction and demolition waste by applying selective demolition techniques and effective recycling processes.
  • Urban waste recycling, trough eco-innovative waste management and prevention policies as part of sustainable urban development.