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Basic human needs, environment, socio-economic development and poverty reduction are all heavily dependent on water. Good management of water is especially challenging due to water resource depletion and complexity of water supply systems. Rapid urbanization, pollution and climate change threaten the resource while demand for water is increasing in order to satisfy the needs of a growing world population, for food production, energy, industrial and domestic use. Since water is a precondition for life, as well as a necessary resource for the economy, it is essential to learn how better manage it, by applying integrated solutions able to assure the supply in suitable quality and quantity, through its not detrimental exploitation. The main expertise of AlmaLowCarbon members in this sup-programme covers:

  • Water strategy for innovative water solutions.
  • Integrated approach to water management under climate changes.
  • Fighting to drink water depletion and scarcity at a global scale.
  • Fighting to desertification in the Mediterranean region.
  • Wastewater innovation treatment for resources recovery and valorization.