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Second Annual Conference of Espanet Israel

Social Policy in Israel: Research, Theory and Practice.

Feb 10, 2011 from 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

Where Emek Israel College, Israel.

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This is the second annual conference of ESPAnet Israel.
The conference will offer an opportunity for scholars from Israel and abroad to present and to discuss research findings pertaining to social justice and social policy from diverse disciplinary perspectives and to exchange views on contemporary social policy issues.

Call for Proposals
This year’s conference will focus upon research, theory and practice in social policy in Israel. It will enable researchers to present new findings, to discuss theoretical issues and debate the practical implications of a wide range of social policy.  The Aacademic Committee invites scholars from diverse disciplines (Sociology, Social Work, Political Science, Law, Economics, Public Policy, History, Geography) to submit proposals for either full sessions or individual papers. These can relate to subjects such as social security and social care, social justice, welfare economics, structural reforms, welfare governance, health services, education, employment, disability policy and immigration. In addition to  plenary sessions, two parallel workshop sessions will take place at the conference. Five workshops will be held in each of these sessions. Some of these will take place in English.

The deadline for proposals is 30.9.2010.

To be sent to Dr. Ofer Arian: