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4th Fair Trade International Symposium and GeoFairTrade Final Conference

Connecting producers and consumers through fair and sustainable value chains.

Apr 02, 2012 12:00 AM to Apr 04, 2012 12:00 AM

Where Liverpool Hope Business School, United Kingdom.

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The question explored during the 4th Fair Trade International Symposium is the following: how can Fair Trade concretely connect producers and consumers, as well as other stakeholders, along fair and sustainable supply chains?

Many questions remain for both practitioners and academics about the potential of Fair Trade to continue growing, whilst at the same time, achieving its aims of transforming globalisation. A specific question in this debate concerns the ability of Fair Trade to grow and institutionalise without increasing the distance between the different stakeholders involved, especially between producers and consumers. Indeed, one of the primary promises of Fair Trade was to better (re)connect (ethical) consumers and (small-scale) producers through fairer and more sustainable value chains. It has been suggested that certain developments in terms of certification and mainstream trading practices have increased, rather than decreased, the distance between consumers and producers – for example, by including non-producer-owned businesses such as plantations and by imposing barriers that may disable the participation of the most marginalized producers.

Registration: by September 2011 on the conference website:

Abstract submission (5 pages): by 30 September 2011.