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6th International Conference on the Food Factory for the Future

Jul 04, 2012 12:00 AM to Jul 06, 2012 12:00 AM

Where Laval

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Organised by LMT (Laval Mayenne Technopole) in collaboration with the SIK (Swedish Institute for food and biotechnology).


Innovative food processing for hygienic and sustainable food production is the theme of Food Factory 2012.


The choice of theme emphasises important challenges that the food sector will meet in the future to satisfy consumer preference, acceptance and needs.


The conference will focus on four themes:


  • Process design: From equipment to cleaning and decontamination techniques,
  • Microbial and chemical food safety: From biofilms to food contact materials,
  • Minimal processing: From optimization of conventional methods to innovative soft technologies,
  • Smart process control and automation: From sensors to robotic solutions.

Deadline for communication proposal: January 16th 2012.


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