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The contribution of young economists to the Social Economy

VII workshop, promoted by the Faculty of Economics of Forlì and by AICCON, that continue the mission to involve young economists researching on Social Economy. - Admission free

Jun 11, 2010 12:00 AM to Jun 12, 2010 12:00 AM

Where Faculty of Economics, Forlì,  P.le della Vittoria 15.

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First part: on Friday, June 11th, 14.00-19.00

Opening lecture

Paolo Pin, University of Siena

Social Networks in Economics

Fabrizio Panebianco, University of Milan-Bicocca and  SSE-Economics Superior School of Venice
Interethnic Preferences and School Segregation 

Mario Veneziani,  Catholic University, Piacenza
An Analysis of Life Satisfaction in Albania: An Heteroscedastic Ordered Probit Model Approach

Leonardo Boncinelli, University of Siena
Signalling, Social Status and Labor Income Taxes

Francesca Modena, University of Trento
Leaving home and housing costs. The experience of Italian youth emancipation

Second part: on Saturday, June 12th, 9.00-13.00

Opening lecture 
Marco Casari, University of Bologna
Cooperation among strangers

Andrea Isoni, University of Warwick
Intransitive Cycles Revealed by Strength of Preference Measures

Stefania Ottone, University of Milan-Bicocca and EconomEtica
Punishment for thieves and tips for victims. An experimental study

Natalia Montinari, University of Padua
Reciprocity in Teams: a Behavioral Explanation for Unpaid Overtime

Matteo Migheli, University of Eastern Piemonte
Gender at Work: Productivity and Incentives