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News Item Journal: Bio-based and Applied Economics
News Item Call for papers - Elsevier
Special Issue on "Sustainable Food- Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Operations and Technology"
News Item National Technology Platforms meeting (Brussels, 4 March 2010)
News Item BCFN YES!
News Item Key Thrust 2: Building consumer trust in the food chain - meeting in Bologna
"Italian Food for Life" National Technology Platform.
News Item Key Thrust 1 - Improving Health, Wellbeing and Longevity
"Italian Food for Life" National Technology Platform.
News Item The Economic Impact of Public Support to Agriculture - An International Perspective
News Item No price for eccellent oil
Marketing e Innovazione dell'agribusiness.
News Item Il Finanziamento della Ricerca in Agricoltura
Workshop: Agriculture Research Funding.
News Item Food Science for the Non-Food Scientist
Pre-Wellness Short Course.
News Item Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology: information about call for papers
Detailed information about contribution to call for papers.
News Item AGRIstartup
Un progetto dedicato allo sviluppo delle idee imprenditoriali nel settore agricolo, agroalimentare e agroenergetico.
News Item Best Paper Award 2011 - Marketing session at the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association
Prize to researchers of the University of Bologna during the 21st Annual IFAMA Forum and Symposium.
News Item Agro-food Research Center
News Item 1st International Conference on Sustainable Intelligent Manufacturing - SIM 2011
June 29 - July 1, 2011 at Leiria, Portugal.
News Item Il carnevale della Chimica
Il 23 di ogni mese appassionati blogger divulgatori della scienza si riuniscono per promuovere la chimica e le scienze in maniera originale e divertente.
News Item Exhibition on Food - Mostra sul cibo
Buon appetito. L'alimentazione in tutti i sensi.
News Item Global Food and Farming Futures
The Foresight project Global Food and Farming Futures, sponsored by the UK Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and Department for International Development (DFID).
News Item IYC 2011 - International year of Chemestry
International Launching Ceremony.
News Item Endocrine Disruptive Effects of Pesticides from Low Dose Exposure
Evidence for Non-Monotonic Dose Response Curves?
News Item Valutazione del Censis: le facoltà di psicologia e Agraria dell'UNIBO sono le migliori d'Italia nei rispettivi settori.
Dal Corriere di Forlì e Cesena - 21/07/2011
News Item Call for Abstracts: 4th MoniQA International Conference
News Item Centre for Social Investment report
CSI - University of Heidelberg.
News Item Research discussion among Andrea Bassi and Jean Marc Fontan
News Item 2nd edition - Course: "Innovation in cooperatives and social enterprises"
Organised by AICCON and EURICSE.
News Item Call for papers: 2011 conference on Social Entrepreneurship Perspectives
By the ACRN Journal of Social Entrepreneurship Perspectives.
News Item Call for papers: The Possibilities and Limits of Social Economy. What the Facts Show
by the Veblen Institute for Economic Reforms.
News Item Open consultation process launched by the European Commission on a Common Strategic Framework for EU research and innovation funding
Stakeholders have time until 20th May 2011 to express their opinions.
News Item Workshops on Social Economy
Seminars about not-for-profit and cooperative economy. - Università di Bologna -  Facoltà di Economia, P.le della Vittoria, 15 47121 Forlì (FC).
News Item call for papers: Market and Happiness: Do economic interactions crowd out civic virtues and human capabilities?
Organized by: EconomEtica - HEIRS (Happiness Economics and Interpersonal Relations) - University of Milan Bicocca.
News Item Call for papers: Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing
News Item Call for Papers: "The Possibilities and Limits of Social Economy: What the Facts Show"
Economic models and social innovation projects.
News Item New application deadline: ESSE Summer School 2011
News Item Application deadline: Summer School on Social Economy – ESSE
Social Enterprise and Social Innovation - Bertinoro, Italy.
News Item Call for Papers: The Possibilities and Limits of Social Economy: What the Facts Show
Cal for papers from scholars and young scholars who study social economy projects and, more broadly, economic models with a clear social and/or environmental profile.
News Item SECS IRT Research seminars
Research discussion meetings on SECS IRT reserach areas.
News Item EMES junior experts' blog
News Item VI Congreso Internacional de la Red Rulescoop
Tema del Congreso: "soluciones de la Economía Social y solidaria a un mundo en crisis". - 7-9 Septiembre 2011, San Gil, Santander – Colombia.
News Item Geoff Mulgan at the European Summer School on Social Economy
News Item Students from the Faculty of Economics in Forlì experiencing Guatemala thanks to the Social Entrepreneur Corps
Sara Marini's 4-week program.
News Item Blog - Di che trib첫 sei?
1 year, 6 different countries starting from Ghana. - Luca Savorelli's trip around the world to research on experimental economics. His experience described through a personal blog - visit it and share it.
News Item Espanet - Call for Proposals: Social Policy in Israel
The second annual conference of ESPAnet Israel will take place on Thursday, 10.2.2011 at the Emek Israel College.
News Item 32 managers of cooperative enterprises visiting the University of Bologna
Representatives of the cooperative world coming from Paranà, Brazil, to Bologna in order to attend the third edition of the management training course.
News Item UnLtd Level 2 award
The competition takes place twice a year and the autumn round will open shortly.
News Item Social Innovation Prizes
Euclid Network is looking for successful social innovation case studies.
News Item Call for Papers: Financing social enterprise and measuring social and public added value
University Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem, Faculty of Social and Economic Studies, Czech Republic.
News Item Call for papers: Redefining the roles of business, NGOs and governments - a mission for a better global society
Justice K.S.Hegde Institute of Management - NET Campus, Nitte, India.
News Item Poster Award at the London School of Economics
Who won the Poster Prize? A young research fellow from the University of Bologna.
News Item EURICSE - Call for case studies on innovative social enterprise best practices in Europe
Financial co-operative approaches to local development through sustainable innovation. - Extended deadline
News Item Call for papers: NCERA-210 Annual Meeting
Denver/Bloomfield, Colorado, USA.
News Item Prix ADDES 2010
ADDES - Association pour le développement de la documentation sur l'économie sociale. - Prix de thèse : 1500 €; Prix de mémoire : 500 €
News Item Call for papers: Exploring Social Entreprises
The UCLA School of Public Affairs and Ben Gurion University invite scholars to attend a one and a half day conference dedicated to the exploration of theoretical and empirical issues in the study of socialenterprises. The conference will focus on the multiple meanings of social enterprises and the emerging organizational forms.
News Item CALL FOR PAPERS: Colloquio scientifico annuale sull’impresa sociale
Colloquio scientifico annuale sull’impresa sociale: 20 – 21 maggio 2011 Università Luigi Bocconi - Milano.
News Item Conference: Social Marketing and Socially Responsible Management
09.30 - 17.00  - The Open University Business School, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA.
News Item SECS IRT receives the visit of a Korean delegation interested in cooperatives
a 2-day visit to the University of Bologna, to some social and workers' cooperatives and to related insitutions.
News Item Social housing: an important experience in Bologna.
6 flats in order to host "poor" people, but also a job help-desk  and microcredit: "la Casa della solidarietà", a project organized by Asp in Bologna.
News Item Call for Papers: 3rd CIRIEC Conference on Social Economy
The Social Economy, prop of a new model of sustainable economic development.
News Item Call for papers: Terza conferenza annuale ESPAnet Italia 2010
News Item 2010 World Congress on Mathematics and Statistics
Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.
News Item Call for papers: CSEAR 2010, Third Conference on Social and Environmental Accounting Research
Faculty of Economics, University of Catania, Corso delle Province 36, Catania.
News Item Call for papers -  L'économie sociale et solidaire et le travail. XIe Rencontres du RIUESS
Réseau inter-universitaire de l’économie sociale et solidaire.Date du colloque: Juin 15th au 17th, 2011, Poitiers, France.
News Item Call for papers: Cooperation in a Changing Economy: The Role of Social Innovation and Collective Entrepreneurship
2011 Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Studies in Cooperation (CASC).Conference date: June 1st to 3rd, 2011, Fredericton, Canada.
News Item Call for papers - 3rd EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise
Date: 4 - 7 July, 2011, Roskilde, Danemark.
News Item Call for proposals: Philanthropy and Civil Society: European and Transnational Perspectives 2011
The Annual Conference of the European Research Network On Philanthropy (ERNOP) 2011.Conference date: June7 th, 2011, WU Vienna University, Austria.
News Item Call for papers: 8th Workshop on the Challenges of Managing the Third Sector
The European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management. Conference date: June, 19th and 20th,2011, Ireland.
News Item Call for papers: Special Issue Sustaining Sustainability inOrganizations
Journal of Business Ethics.
News Item Call for papers: Business Social Responsibility and the Third Sector
Seventh ISTR Asia Pacific Regional Conference. Conference date: Novembre, 24th-26th, 2011, Bali.
News Item Call for papers : Building Communities: Exploring theContributions of Nonprofits and the Social Economy
ANSER/ARES 2011 Conference - June 1st to 3th, 2011, Fredericton, Canada.
News Item Call for papers : The 2011 Academy of Management Meeting – Public and Nonprofit Division (PNP)
Conference date: August 12th to 16th, 2011, San Antonio, USA.
News Item call for papers: Third Sector Research Centre - University of Birmingham
ISIRC brings together the international academic community focusing on social entrepreneurship, enterprise and innovation.
News Item From China to Bologna to learn the secrets of the restoration made in Italy
News Item European online petition for Cultural Heritage
To promote cultural heritage research in the Horizon 2020
News Item IYC 2011 - International year of Chemestry
International Launching Ceremony.
News Item Conference on Mortar - Convegno Calce 2010
'Calce - Archeologia della produzione, attualità dell'impiego'. (Italian language) - 2-3 dicembre 2010, Lecce  (Italy).
News Item Call for Abstracts 5th International Technology, Education and Development Conference, INTED2011
7 - 9 March 2011, Valencia, Spain.
News Item International Forum about Cultural and Environmental Heritage
from 18 to 20  November, at Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, Italy.
News Item Sepolture anomale - strange burials
"Sepolture anomale. Indagini archeologiche e antropologiche dall'epoca classico al medioevo in Emilia-Romagna".
News Item Online Petition for Cultural Heritage included in Horizon 2020
News Item InfoDay on FP7 Environment Research
17 June 2011: the European Commission - Research & Innovation DG - Directorate Environment - is organising an InfoDay on FP7 Environment Research.
News Item EuroMed2012 - Call for Papers
Research, Development, Technologies, Standards, Education and Training to  Protect, Restore, Document, Preserve, Communicate and Prevent the Destruction of our Fragile Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage.