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Social housing: an important experience in Bologna.

6 flats in order to host "poor" people, but also a job help-desk  and microcredit: "la Casa della solidarietà", a project organized by Asp in Bologna.

After the financial crisis more and more people suffer from poverty: families, elderly, single mothers and fathers, jobless youth and immigrants.

Some organisations in Bologna started thiking about how to help such categories, starting from a social housing project.

The house is called "Casa della solidarietà" (solidarity house) and was inaugurated on the 21 October by the Asp Association (Associazione poveri vergognosi)

The house was bought, renovated and divided into 6 flats. Social services' officials will suggest who should apply for a period of  18 -  24 months. This kind of shelter possobilty is meant to be temporary. The final aim is to help people getting out from poverty, through some job-oriented services and microcredit instruments. Moreover, thanks to an agreement between several associations collecting food from markets and giving it for free to poor people, a food supply will be garantueed.

Published on 22 October 2010