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32 managers of cooperative enterprises visiting the University of Bologna

Representatives of the cooperative world coming from Paranà, Brazil, to Bologna in order to attend the third edition of the management training course.

Yesterday, 32 managers of cooperative enterprises coming from Paranà were welcomed at the University of Bologna by prof. Carla Salvaterra, University Representative for International Relations.

In the presence of prof. Manaresi, prof. Marangoni, prof. Battilani and prof. Vannini a brief introduction about the history and present structure of the University of Bologna was given to the Brazilian guests.

After that, prof. Angelo Manaresi, professor of Marketing and Director of the University of Bologna Centre in Buenos Aires underlined the importance of cooperatives for social, economic and territorial development. He also reminded that a second session of the course will be held in Buenos Aires in November 2010.

The University fo Bologna coordinated and organized all the academic aspects of this visit, being project partner of Legacoop Emilia-Romagna.

In the end, the group was hosted by the Faculty of Economics, where a lesson by Prof. Vera Zamagni on the historical meaning of cooperation and cooperative enterprises in this region was held.

Published on 21 September 2010