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Online Petition for Cultural Heritage included in Horizon 2020

A letter has been sent by the European Construction Technology Platform - Focus Area Cultural Heritage as invitatio to contribute to the online petition on Cultural heritage research which should be included in the 8th EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (HORIZON 2020).

To the cultural heritage research community.

Cultural heritage has been omitted completely in the proposal of the European Commission for the 8th EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (HORIZON 2020), thus taking away all the funds previously available for research in this field.

This decision has serious consequences as the whole basis for the conservation of cultural heritage in Europe will be eliminated, probably for many years to come.

The cultural heritage research community has initiated an online petition addressed to the European Parliament and the European Council in order to plead strongly for the inclusion of cultural heritage research in HORIZON 2020.

In signing this petition, you support that the EU fully acknowledges its responsibilities to put cultural heritage research back on its agenda and to include it in the next Framework Programme.

The call will be online until the end of April

Please forward the information to interested scientists.

Published on 5 April 2012