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Students from the Faculty of Economics in Forlì experiencing Guatemala thanks to the Social Entrepreneur Corps

Sara Marini's 4-week program.

Sara Marini, a student of Bologna University, is one of the 15 participants, together with youth coming from several US Universities, to the 4-week program supported by Social Entrepreneur Corps in Guatemala.

The group spent the first week in the headquarters, La Antigua, living with local families, taking spanish classes, participating in development discussions and learning about social entrepreneurship, Soluciones Comunitarias and the MicroConsignment Model.

The 15 participants were divided into 2 groups, or Virtual NGO, and traveled to different satellite sites: Quetzaltenango, or Xela and Nebaj.

Participants supported our Community Advisors (Asesoras Comunitarias) in the marketing and promotion of the campaigns and in the normal activities of the campaign: giving eye exams, advising on health problems related to water, nutrition, promoting solar lamps, energy effcient lightbulbs and interviewing people of the villages on new potential products and services: solar earing aid, diabetes. Part of the field work also consisted in supporting local organizations and small businesses with professional trainings on Client Service, Business and Marketing Plans, Basic Administration, etc. Both groups had to present a final group project and Sara’s group presented: "Rooftop Gardening". They created a guide on how to build and manage a small greenhouse. When the program was concluded, Sara decided to stay in Nebaj an extra month and support the local families with the Rooftop Gardening project.

Published on 10 August 2010