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Endocrine Disruptive Effects of Pesticides from Low Dose Exposure

Evidence for Non-Monotonic Dose Response Curves?

Food Safety Workshop

15-16 March 2011, Martin’s Central Park Hotel - Boulevard Charlemagne, 80. Brussels Belgium.

Organized by the Safe Consortium.

It is the second in a series of workshops on this topic and it is dedicated to experts in the field.

Workshop topics will include:

  • The Hormesis model and its effects in Toxicology, Medicine and Risk Assessment
  • Endocrine Effects of Low Dose Pesticide in Vitro, in Mammals and in Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Risk Assessment particular to Chronic Low Dose exposure
  • Comparison of Endocrine Effects from PPCP and Pesticide exposure
  • Publication of Negative Results, view from the Managing Editor of a leading Toxicology Journal
  • Open debate and discussion  including all speakers and a Panel of DG and EFSA Representatives
  • Breakout groups on Future Needs

Find attached Workshop Programme and Workshop Registration Form.

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Published on 18 January 2011