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About us

Presentation of Social Economy and Civil Society IRT.

It gathers and co-ordinates the expertise of researchers at the University of Bologna working on social economy and on the relationship between social economy and civil society.

  • A critical mass of social scientists working on common objectives
  • Organization, expertise and integrated services searching solutions to complex matters
  • An easy access point to high-developed multi-disciplinary competencies
  • A competitive research partner for universities, research organizations and the whole scientific community


Gathering many social researchers, SECS IRT aims at coping with social problems and contemporary challenges through academic research. Covering several scientific sectors and studying social economy from different perspectives, it gives support to the implementation and development of new solutions.

Its research team work:

  • to be a main partner for major stakeholders: foundations, associations, industrial and cooperative enterprises, policy makers, research centers and institutes
  • to facilitate multi-disciplinary research
  • to contribute to the strengthening of the European Research Area
  • to develop the agenda of scientific research at national and international level
  • to promote the role and culture of social economy in the civil society


The expertise of Social Economy and Civil Society IRT covers a variety of areas:

  • political economy and business economics
  • sociology and law
  • history and economic history
  • statistics and education

Therefore SECS IRT is a reference point and a main partner for the stakeholders of the socio-economic sector.



Social Sciences, Humanities & Social Innovation Unit - University of Bologna

via Zamboni 33

40126 - Bologna - Italy

tel: +39 051 20 88672

tel: +39 051 20 98837