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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR: theory and practice.

The corporate social responsibility research area involves different dimensions of analysis. It mainly explores how it can be implemented by different economic enterprises, such as for profit, not for profit, private and public ones.

This area represents an interdisciplinary synthesis by which CSR can be developed in theoretical and empirical way. Our aim is to promote a stimulating scientific debate among scholars and researchers evaluating this subject both from a specific and from a global point of view.

This process should give a dynamic scientific content of this area and an empirical orientation to implement it, providing a wide and suitable meaning of it in the context of social economy and civil society.

  • CSR in not for profit enterprises
  • CSR in for profit businesses
  • CSR in health care agencies
  • CSR in private and public enterprises
  • CSR and civil economy
  • CSR in SMEs
  • Social and environmental accounting and accountability in CSR
  • Direct and indirect accountability
  • Local community and CSR
  • Governance, management and CSR
  • CSR and culture