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Economics, Governance and Management

Management and governance of social and cooperative enterprises.

The governance of multistakeholder firms is characterized by some specific features that does not exist in shareholder value maximizing firms.

To highlight these specific aspects it is necessary to analyse social enterprises both from an historical and a theoretical point of view. At the same time it is really important to take into account the specific legal constraints of this kind of firms.

The Social Economy and Civil Society IRT focuses the attention on governance issues, intrinsic motivation of capital providers, managers and employee. Moreover it studies their behaviour with respect to all the stakeholders, including the local community.

  • Theory of the social firm: internal incentives, motivations and market competition
  • Participated governance and corporate law and economics
  • Mission, accountability and reporting for social firms
  • Mission balance sheet of banking foundations
  • Local development: social inclusion policies in the job market
  • Accountability of third sector firms: comparative law issues
  • Tax law and European tax law of social firms