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History of the Social Economy

Evolution and integration of economy and society.

The history of the social economy deals with the evolution of organisations that overlap the economic attitude with the social sphere. The analysis starts from an historical approach about systems of rules, habits and attitudes or material features of the socio-economic context.

A quantitative approach, that allows to understand in which measure the processes evolve in time and space, is combined with a qualitative investigation, that aims at understanding how the intrinsic mechanisms that regulate some phenomena change.

Among the main topics, we can recall work, welfare, cooperation and social responsibility.

  • History of employment
  • History of welfare
  • History of the cooperative movement
  • Business and CSR history
  • History and order of the clergy institutions
  • History of foundations and philanthropy
  • Economic history of European integration
  • History of land reclamation
  • History of the Marshall Plan