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Social Entrepreneurship

Relational goods, new enterprises and local communities.

The social entrepreneurship is the entrepreneurial evolution of a part of the non profit sector. It is a relevant phenomena even if, in many cases, quite underestimated.

It should be evaluated both at the micro (with references to specific cases) and at the macro level, taking into account its impact on the economic system as whole and the society at large.

The Social Economy and Civil Society IRT aims its research not only to the history of this phenomena, its impact on local communities, the specific governance, the accountability and reporting issues (for instance the ones related to social balance sheets) but also to the psychological and organisational aspects.

  • Relational goods’ theory
  • Theory of the firm and economic motivations
  • Mission of cooperatives and non profit firms
  • Customer satisfaction measurement in the social firm sector
  • Psychodynamics and groups’ economics
  • Microcredit
  • Fund raising strategies for social enterprises and third sector organisations