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Social Innovation

New ideas and society.

The social innovation represents a broad and very articulated context, which defines and develops all new ideas to resolve problems of social nature.

It deals with studies that became important and received attention not long before some decades ago. In the past investments of resources and energies were addressed toward innovations of scientific, technological or industrial nature, therefore their use in the social field is less recent, but not less important.

Very actual topics such as the sustainability of the economic growth, the challenges of the multi-culturalism, the crisis of family as institution, or the job flexibility, impose the development of research topics aiming at the solution of all these serious and urgent problems.

  • Forecast models
  • Structural equation models (Lisrel), item response theory models, latent variables model for social research
  • Welfare state indexes and policies
  • Math methods for social economy (analytic and computational, methods of optimization, fuzzy logic, etc.)
  • Education and society
  • Social and human capital, relational goods
  • Multi-culturalism
  • Social policy and family
  • Labour: unemployment, work flexibility and conciliation policy
  • Problems of social inequality in developed countries
  • Models of organisation, self-management and workers' empowerment
  • Decision support models for fundraising management